Empowering Young Mums

young mums

”The Feeling Good Club for Young Mums”

funded by the Merton Partnership

”The Feeling Good Club for Young Mums” for one year, presents a programme of

A FREE bi weekly group Meeting for 2 hours

At St .Marks Family Centre Mitcham with Crèche facilities.

A one hour discussion on different health issues/information sharing over a cup of tea, coffee Followed by one hour of gentle activities

“Launch of EMC’s Feeling Good Club- Empowering and educating Young Mums” in partnership with St Marks Family Centre Mitcham.

EMC strongly believes that by educating just one person in a family especially mother about healthier living you are also helping the other members of that family. They will gain confidence in their abilities to manage their own health and abilities to make better lifestyle choices for themselves and their family.

As our club with be held during the day with crèche support the young mothers will be able to relax and gain more from the learning experience knowing their child safe and nearby.

  • Plan for Young Mums and children
  • The Health Discussion which includes importance of dental hygiene for child
  • Stop smoking
  • Made aware of medical conditions as obesity and diabetes etc
  • Importance of proper nutrition
  • Health and Well-being
  • Keeping active -This is a club for young Mums, many of whom may experience social isolation, it will provide opportunities for networking, peer support and the sharing of experiences that can break the cycle of social isolation and improve their feeling of connection to the community and emotional well-being.