Since 1988 Ethnic Minority Centre Ltd. (EMC) has worked tirelessly to support and promote Health and Well-being  Services and bringing the Communities together in the London Borough of Merton, building the community cohesion and improve the quality of life for all Ethnic Minority Centre’s members.


What We Offer
Mental and Physical Fitness

Mental and Physical Fitness 2021

EMC Free Talk, Yoga, Zumba, art and dance online sessions.

Every Tuesday and Saturdays  From 12.00 pm to 2.00 pm.

Yoga Tutor: Alpa Amin

Dance Tutor: Nancy Lo

Talk by weekly guest speakers.

Funded by The London Community Foundation Wave-4 Navigating Crisis

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General Education

Exploration of Creative and Fun Maths

EMC is running free Exploration of Creative & problem solving maths for more than 6 years.  Classes are for beginners  age 7 to 14 & Intermediate 8 to 18 years age. Also for Adult 5O+ in Mitcham library. Due to current COVID-19 pandemic, all classes on held online, funded by Clarion Futures.                      Another set of 50+ maths session was online funded by London Community Grant.

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Young Mums

Empowering Young Mums

EMC strongly believes that by educating and empowering just one person in a family especially mother about healthier living, you are also helping the other members of that family.

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Feeling Good Club

We support people by encouraging discussion on common interest issues, offer opportunities for meeting and making new friends, and organise events. We also provide advice and assistance on benefits, health, domestic violence and racial harassment.

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Help for Racial Harrasement & Domestic Violence

EMC provides help and support to the victims of Domestic Violence.
•    EMC maintained 100% confidentiality.
•    Don’t suffer any more in silence.
•    EMC members are very committed to deal with any case professionally.
•    EMC works and refers to highly-trained and appropriate agencies.

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